Where Should You Shop for Trailer Spares?

You should shop for trailer spares online. You will have more options and you are likely to save money. Unless you know a brick and mortar store or a technician who can get you a bulk rate for the type of spare you need, you will not get the kind of prices you can secure online at retail outlets. This applies to all types of spares, the essential parts and the aftermarket upgrades. There are many online stores selling trailer spares. You need to identify the most relevant one.

• The first step to choosing a relevant store is assessing its inventory. It should have all the types of spares or parts you need, not just now but in the near future too. The store should have enough brands for you to choose from. There should be discretion to choose from varying qualities.

• The second criterion is the price. Do not compare the prices on various websites without factoring in the value added tax and other costs. For instance, a store may clearly state that the listed price is excluding value added tax but you may overlook it and think it is inclusive. You should also factor in the cost of shipping. Almost all stores offer free shipping but the qualifying purchase is not identical. Some may waive the cost of shipping if you spend more than £50. Others may want you to spend a bit more. Not all companies offer click and collect as an option. Those that do may not charge anything for the click and collect service. You should seriously consider this option.

• Finally, check if the store has the trailer spares in stock and can deliver to your doorstep or a convenient place nearby. Not all stores have last mile delivery. Don’t forget to secure official warranty on spares or parts if applicable, from the manufacturer or the store.

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