Simple but Effective Ways to Prolong the Life of Trailer Wheels and Tyres

Trailer wheels and tyres are not fragile by any stretch of imagination. However, it is quite possible you will have several problems with such components. There are many reasons why your trailer wheels and tyres may not be as sturdy and reliable as they should be. Lack of maintenance and timely servicing could be the issue. A trailer sitting in the garage for several months after bearing heavy loads for a few weeks, then again being taken out for an adventure could also be the problem. Most people do not use their trailers throughout the year anywhere in the country. Anything that is used every day will naturally draw more attention and some of it may be proactive. You should take care of your trailer wheels and tyres so you do not have to deal with an abrupt crisis.

• You have to be proactive with visual inspection. You cannot wait for damages to become far too obvious and realisable. You must inspect the tread blocks and sidewall. This simple check will enable you to notice any damage in its earliest stage. Check the caps and valves too. You must remove nails if any, look for bulges and cuts, any concerning sign of weathering or cracking among other visible issues.

• Always maintain the recommended air pressure. Inflating the tyres below or above the recommended air pressure is not wise and it will not only make them fragile but also affect fuel economy. Your trailer may also suffer structural damage owing to this simple error. It is very easy to maintain air pressure. You can get a small gauge to measure air pressure from time to time. Air pressure also plays a role in traction, handling and braking. So it is a matter of safety too. The bonus is that your wheels and tyres would last longer.

• Always try to keep the load limited to the gross vehicle weight rating. You should also try to spread out the load on your trailer so no single wheel or tyre and suspension has to bear more weight. Permitted weight evenly spread out on a trailer will significantly improve the life of wheels and tyres. Such a practice will also improve your driving and handling. It is just easier to drive when there is no substantial load at one end or side of the trailer naturally pulling the vehicle away from the steered path.

• Always check the alignment of wheels and tyres before you head out for a long ride. Rotate the tyres. Never park away your trailer during winter before you have washed and cleaned it thoroughly, including the wheels and tyres. Unload everything, inflate the tyres and check the air pressure, try to reduce the weight on these parts by using blocks and keep the entire trailer away from moisture, water, snow and the sun.

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