Buy the Right Type of Trailer Parts

There are various types of trailers. Almost every type of trailer has a weight capacity. There will be other thresholds as well. Some trailers can be driven on certain kinds of terrain. Not all trailers can be towed for extremely long distances at a stretch. The type, purpose, capacity, design and mechanics of every trailer will determine the kind of parts it requires. You should always focus on the specifics and buy the right type of trailer parts. The guide provided by the manufacturer is like a diktat. You should never veer away from the recommendations. You may contemplate whether or not you would consider new trailer parts. In some instances, buying used or second hand trailer parts is deemed viable but this is not a given in every scenario. Focus on the specifications, the various imperative features and prioritise the brand. Do not choose brands that you are not familiar with.

It is at times easy to choose the right type of trailer parts. For instance, if you have to shop for trailer couplings, then you would not be overwhelmed with the basic two types or variants. There are braked and unbraked couplings. Also known as couplers, trailer couplings can be braked or unbraked and the requirement in your case will depend on whether or not your trailer has brakes. Some trailers have brakes that are connected to the tow bar using a mechanical link. Whenever the tow vehicle or truck brakes and the same is felt by the tow bar, the mechanical link activates the brakes in your trailer. This is like a dual function or dual braking. If the trailer does not have any brakes then it stops by the virtue of the towing vehicle or truck applying its brakes and gradually coming to a halt. Braked and unbraked trailer couplings have substantial differences.

There are certain legalities you must comply with in such cases. Trailer parts have to be chosen as per the regulations and you cannot be random with what you install. For instance, trailers that haul a loan of seven hundred and fifty kilograms of load can be unbraked. The alternative is half the weight of the towing vehicle. This is the kerb weight, sans the passengers or any other cargo that may be loaded onto the truck. If you are hauling a tonne, then you must have a braked trailer. This is even if your truck weighs two tonnes. The lower weight threshold or load capacity is considered in these cases. A braked trailer would be allowed to haul a load of up to three and a half tonnes. This threshold should also determine the kind of trailer parts you choose, including the couplings.

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